"I know you can buy flowers anywhere, that is why I work with them to achieve more than just an arrangement .. I focus on turning them into art, into floral haute couture.
I do also believe that simplicity within elegance is the keyword to floral design. That, I learned from
my training in ikebana from which I draw a lot of my inspiration
                                                                                                                                                      Marie LN

Each work,  a “one-of-a-kind” composition, is  the  result  of   a creative
process culminating  in  a  delicate balance of color,  form,  texture, and
movement.     Besides the artistic aspect of Marie LN's work, the concept
is also  to  return  to  a  very  personal service and individual attention

providing a custom made service, with compositions that look
“different”, with a very “special twist”.









                           RYE , NY 10580   |   (914) 565 9990   | info@marieln-floraldesign.com