Marie LN wishes you a pleasant journey through creativity during
your visit to the gallery….

      Please  note  that this  "exhibition"  is  not  an  online  catalog,  its  purpose  is  to 
give  you  an  idea  of  Marie LN's  work  in  floral  art.
      Some of  the  vases  and  containers  used  for the creations  are  "one-of-a-kind"
      and  may  not  be  available  except  for  weekly  contracts,  for  which  the
containers  are  lent.…
      There are also many other containers not shown, as we do strive to find
      containers that look "different" and allow a playful creative work…..
      Flowers and greens used may vary depending on seasonnal and daily availability (see disclaimer under "more' in the menu bar).
       Use the right and left arrows to navigate throughout the Gallery.

Enjoy this visit as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

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